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Carnifex is a death metal band from San Diego.


• Fri 4/13/18 at - 5:00 PM

Jonathan Davis


Music heightens the senses, conjures catharsis, and unlocks other levels of consciousness. Just ask Korn frontman Jonathan Davis. Throughout his storied career, heís unleashed his demons night after night on stage, sharing an escape with audiences of millions. However, Davis does something that heís never done before on his 2018 solo debut, aiming to transport listeners "...into somewhere thatís spiritual, positive, and makes them really think!"


• Tue 4/24/18 at - 7:30 PM


Electronic,Rap/Hip Hop

The duo of Timeflies, which originated in Boston but is currently working of out Brooklyn, NY, is made up of producer Rob Resnick (Rez) and vocalist/lyricist Cal Shapiro (Cal). Formed in 2010, Timeflies released their debut album, 'The Scotch Tape,' in September of 2011 and subsequently stayed connected with a burgeoning fan base by releasing a number of remixes, live covers and mixtapes.


• Thu 4/26/18 at - 8:00 PM


Rock,Christian Contemporary,Metal

Stryper rose to fame in the 1980s as the premier Christian rock band, complete with yellow and black stage outfits and such MTV hits as "Calling On You" and "Soldiers Under Command." In the fall of 2016, they took to the road to mark the 30th anniversary of their most famous album, "To Hell With the Devil."


• Fri 6/1/18 at - 8:00 PM