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10110 Technology Blvd., Dallas, TX



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Robb Banks

Rap/Hip Hop

Robb Banks is the stage name of the hip-hop artist Rob Burrell, who is based in Florida.


• Sat 12/23/17 at - 8:00 PM

Machine Head


Machine Head members are vocalist/guitarist, Robb Flynn; guitarist, Logan Mader; bassist, Adam Duce; and drummer, Chris Kontos. The group's blend of hardcore and metal surpasses other bands with a similar style because of catchier riffs and better dynamics.


• Tue 1/30/18 at - 8:00 PM

August Burns Red


August Burns Red, which began as a metalcore group in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, back in 2003, has begun to branch out with its fourth full-length album, 'Leveler,' which explores issues of faith while maintaining a ferocious, layered sound.


• Fri 2/2/18 at - 7:30 PM


Rock,Metal,Live Music in Bar/Club

Y&T (originally known as Yesterday & Today) is a hard rock/metal band formed in 1974. They hail from the Bay Area.


• Sat 2/3/18 at - 8:00 PM

Black Veil Brides


Black Veil Brides is a five-piece glam-metal/rock band from California. Inspired by Kiss' and Motley Crue's stage persona, the group has their own "look" for glam metal -- black makeup and body paint, tight black studded clothing, and long hair. Members Andy Biersack (lead vocals), Ashley Purdy (bass, backing vocals), Jake Pitts (lead guitar), Jinxx (rhythm guitar, violin) and Christian "CC" Coma (drums) are known for their appearance. On the 27th of October 2014 they are releasing their fourth album "IV".


• Fri 2/16/18 at - 6:30 PM