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Azealia Banks

Rap/Hip Hop,R&B/Soul

Azealia Banks is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Harlem, NY.


• Fri 10/20/17 at - 8:00 PM

Gogol Bordello


Gogol Bordello is a gypsy-punk band fusing supercharged folk influences with a sideshow cabaret.


• Tue 10/24/17 at - 8:00 PM

Shooter Jennings


Shooter Jennings, the son of the late country superstar Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, is a favorite of contemporary outlaw country fans, but has stretched his musical boundaries far beyond that. A musician, songwriter, producer and video game creator, Jennings has released eight studio albums and two live albums, and has produced and released various projects on his own record label, Black Country Rock. Jennings’ career hasn’t ever stuck to one format, and you can find him all over the map when it comes to where he's at, His latest album, released in 2016, "Countach (For Giorgio)," came in at #7 on the US Dance/Electronic charts, and was Jennings’ ode to electronic music innovator and songwriter Giorgio Moroder. The album features songs with various artists, including Marilyn Manson, Brandi Carlile and Steve Young.


• Fri 10/27/17 at - 8:00 PM


Rock,Rap/Hip Hop,Country

The LACS are a southern hip-hop/rock duo from Baxley, GA whose southern rock sound has often been tagged as "hick hop."


• Sat 10/28/17 at - 8:00 PM

Children of Bodom


Finnish black metal band Children of Bodom was formed in 1993 by vocalist and guitarist Alexi Laiho and drummer Jaska Raatikainen. This award-winning, powerhouse band has won over critics and fans alike with their hard-driving, modern heavy metal acrobatics.


• Tue 10/31/17 at - 7:00 PM


Reggae,Rap/Hip Hop

The Hasidic singer-sonwriter Matisyahu stands out like no other. This lyricist, MC and beatboxer explores traditional Jewish themes and spirituality by mixing in ever-more exploratory journeys into reggae, rock and hip-hop beatboxing sounds. His second album, "Youth" was nominated for a Grammy and his third, "Light" reached the top of the reggae charts. His latest release, "Undercurrent," is a more personal, musically thematic eight song cycle.


• Thu 11/2/17 at - 8:30 PM



The Descendents are a four-piece Southern California band from the first wave of California hardcore, and belying their 1985 album, "I Don't Want to Grow Up," are now deep into middle age. The band, together off and on for more than three decades, released its first album in 20 years, "Hypercaffium Spazzinate," in the summer of 2016. It addresses grown-up issues such as infidelity, children and the effects of unhealthy food choices.


• Sat 11/4/17 at - 9:00 PM

Lupe Fiasco

Rap/Hip Hop

The Chicago-born hip hop artist has worked with Kanye West ('Touch the Sky'), gotten support from Jay-Z and co-founded his own imprint called 1st and 15th.


• Sun 11/5/17 at - 8:00 PM

Our Lady Peace


This post-grunge quartet's unique style and songwriting has led to sold-out tours in the United States and Europe.


• Fri 11/10/17 at - 8:00 PM



Ministry set the pace for the rise of industrial metal in the late '80s and early '90s. Founded by Al Jourgensen in 1981, the band changed its style from synthpop to industrial metal, finding mainstream success with its most successful album, "Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs."


• Sat 11/11/17 at - 8:30 PM

Revolting Cocks

Rock,Alternative,Experimental (Incl. All Music Forms),Gothic/Industrial

Out of the ashes of Ministry, Revolting Cocks returns to share material from their latest effort, 'Sex-O Olympic-O.' The band originally began in 1984 as a musical side-project for Richard 23 of Front 242, Luc Van Acker, and Al Jourgensen of Ministry. Over the years the outfit recorded six studio albums and two live albums, featuring such singles as 'No Devotion,' 'You Often Forget,' and 'Stainless Steel Providers,' plus retooled covers of '(Let's Get) Physical' and 'Da Ya Think I'm Sexy.' The current lineup features Al Jourgensen, Josh Bradford, Sin Quirin and Clayton Worbeck.


• Tue 11/14/17 at - 8:00 PM


Electronic,Rap/Hip Hop

The duo of Timeflies, which originated in Boston but is currently working of out Brooklyn, NY, is made up of producer Rob Resnick (Rez) and vocalist/lyricist Cal Shapiro (Cal). Formed in 2010, Timeflies released their debut album, 'The Scotch Tape,' in September of 2011 and subsequently stayed connected with a burgeoning fan base by releasing a number of remixes, live covers and mixtapes.


• Fri 11/17/17 at - 8:00 PM

Animals As Leaders


Animals As Leaders is an instrumental progressive metal band based in Washington, DC.


• Sat 11/18/17 at - 7:30 PM


Rap/Hip Hop

Cam'ron (Cameron Giles, previously known as Killa Cam) is a rap artist from Harlem. He is the founder of the hip hop group The Diplomats, commonly known as Dipset.


• Sun 11/19/17 at - 8:00 PM



GWAR stands for God What an Awful Racket. Formed in 1985, the Richmond, Virginia group is larger in both size and sound, thrash metal's answer to the more mainstream satire of Spinal Tap. Gory, sexually perverse, and scatological in the extreme, you have to see this theatrical metal band to believe it.


• Wed 11/29/17 at - 7:30 PM



Having played alongside As I Lay Dying, GWAR, Cannibal Corpse and Terror, Trivium has taken over the world with their infectious blend of metalcore, thrash and progressive-rock influenced instru-metal.


• Mon 12/4/17 at - 6:30 PM

Texas Hippie Coalition


Big Dad Ritch, and John Exall met in Denison, Texas, when they were part of rival bands. A road trip to Dallas got the band started in writing, playing and recording together. Together with additional band members Scott Lytle and Michael Hayes, the band 's brand of Red Dirt Metal has earned them fans across the US. Their second album, 'Rollin,' released in 2010 contained the single 'Pissed Off and Mad About It,' which helped the album reach the Top Ten on the CMJ Loud Rock Chart.


• Fri 12/8/17 at - 8:00 PM