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Exhibit: "Silent Interiors That Speak: Mixed Media" by Ruth A. Keitz

Art Show, Mixed Media, Painting

“Silent Interiors That Speak” explores how we create a space/room where we live and where we work. The Silent Interiors include former classrooms where she has taught, former offices, views from rooms in her home, views of rooms in what was her sister’s home, and empty rooms in her childhood home. The mixed media art works examine: how we look out of a room to the outside world, how the outside world spills into our space/room, how part of us remains in a space/room after we leave, how our memory reshapes the past over the passage of time. The stuff of her art is as likely to be the discards of industrialization as the discards of nature. She enjoys the “thingness,” the uniqueness of objects and materials: texture, shape, color, contrast. All the work uses an extensive mix of found man-made and natural materials.