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Dan's Haunted House presents: "MOKUSATSU – KREEP’S ATOMIC SHADOWS"

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Dan's Haunted House is a professional outdoor haunted attraction / haunted house with Japanese theme Story Line for 2017 - year 4 of 5 in the ongoing haunt saga - No Clowns, No Zombies, and No Chainsaws FEAR is in EVERYTHING ! A year has passed. The death of Unkle Kreep should have been a victory for Hachiman and his demonic horde Summoning what little power he had left in his spectral form, Kreep called upon the uneasy spirits of war and destruction to help him break free of Hachiman’s iron grip. Under the cover of a diseased pale moon, he brought forth horrors of a terrible weapon that combined the rage and disdain of the spirit world with one of the mightiest powers of this one – Atomic Fire. Now, shadows walk freely in the forest, taking what pleasures they can from torturing passers-by. The Japanese God of War does what he can to maintain order, and his creatures still wander the woods to punish those who dare trespass.