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Shafaq Ahmad: Lifting of Veils to Lights of Mystery


An accomplished multimedia artist, Shafaq Ahmadís work includes painting, print making, sculpture, digital media, mixed media and art installations. Ahmad has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in the USA, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. Her work is a part of permanent collections at the Sharjah Department of Art and Culture in the United Arab Emirates, the Museum of Geometric and Madi Art in Dallas, Mercedes Benz Daimler Financial Corporate Headquarters in Fort Worth. Her work has been featured in such publications as 101 Contemporary Artists, Art Voices Magazine, Studio Visit Magazine, Islamic Arts Magazine, Emel magazine, Art Now Pakistan, Dallas Art Review, the Star Telegram, Libas Magazine, Valassko, Vlastivedna Revue, VAIA, bont VOOR BINNEN, and Ceramic & Glass.