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Dallas Vert Mile


The Dallas Vert Mile is a world-class stair climb race and fun walk at Reunion Tower on Saturday, January 13, 2018. It is one of only three stair climbs in the United States and 12 worldwide to be part of the Towerrunning World Association's World Tour, and it brings some of the best stair runners on the planet to Dallas. The race is also open to the public, and there are four vertical - or vert - distances available. All participants do the Vert Sprint Race and Fun Walk, which climbs 50 floors and 470 feet. You may also do the 3-lap Vert 1/4 Mile; 6-lap Vert 1/2 Mile; or the 12-lap, 600-story, Vert Mile Challenge. The challenge is to finish all 12 laps within the 2 1/2 hour time limit. The event will benefit participants - who will get stronger, fitter, and happier - along with a number of non-profit organizations.